Dean Beyett

DeanB picture

Five Star Car Stereo

  • Position: Installation Manager
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • Biography: I have been installing car audio for the past 30 years. I have been with my current employer, Five Star Car stereo, for the past 8 years. There I handle the business’s website, Instagram page, and manage custom installation sales. I also, with my partner Fernando, do all the day to day installation work. I own Smash Force Productions. We produce Five Star Car Stereo and the Boring Life of Dean and Hailey YouTube shows. We have created thousands of videos on the subjects of car audio and being a dad.

Daniel Campos

DanielC picture

DC Audio Tech

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • Biography: Daniel Campos has been in the car audio industry for more than 25 years. He started as an installer/fabricator for Sound Innovations in California, and is currently running DC Audio Tech in Aguascalientes, as the distributor for Gladen, Mosconi and Illusion Audio in Mexico. Altough he is now on the distribution side of business, Daniel still does installation for select customers that understand and appreciate his style of work.

Chris Cook

ChrisC picture

Mobile Electronics Association

  • Position: President
  • Location: North Andover, MA
  • Biography: Chris Cook serves as President of the Mobile Electronics Association the U.S. trade association representing over 1,000 mobile electronics companies and owning and producing four annual KnowledgeFest tradeshows, and the trade publication Mobile Electronics Magazine. Cook is an accomplished 20-year executive focused in the automotive electronics sector. He has a wide array of experience focused on forward-looking solutions that realize a connected lifestyle in every consumer environment. Cook is a speaker, thought leader and presenter at technology changing shows and conferences for over 20 years.

Jayson Cook

JaysonC picture

Columbus Car Audio

  • Position: Sales Manager
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Biography: My name is Jayson Cook I have been in the industry professionally for over 20 years. I graduated from Mobile Dynamics Toronto campus in 1996 with the hopes of becoming an installer. In 1998 I was hired on at Columbus Car Audio to be a sales person with the intent of becoming an installer at some point…that never happened. Instead I became their top salesperson for most of my career. So much that my role now is to continuously teach, and train my staff to sell based off of standards that I have learned and have implemented into my daily routine. I was fortunate enough to win the 2019 Mobile Electronics Salesperson of the Year this year and I really want to help grow the sales side of this industry. I have learned so much from many coworkers and friends in this industry and I want to give back as much as I can. I feel that there is a strong need to help teach and train the techniques of selling and working face to face with customers on a daily level in a professional manner that our industry lacks, and also to be able to work as a team with the technicians to give the best experience possible to our clients.

Vince De Stefano

VinceD picture

De Stefano & Associates

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: North Naples, Florida
  • Biography: With over 45 years of retail experience Vincent De Stefano has pretty much seen everything, both good and bad, this industry has to offer. He has been lucky enough to have had multiple stints in national sales positions at major and specialty brands covering not only all 50 states but pretty much the rest of the world as well. On top of that be believes that one of his most important assets is his more than a decade of direct sales experience on retail sales floors. All this may not necessarily make him the smartest man in any room. However, that wealth of experience means Vinnie has lots to share with retailers who are interested in hearing how the other retailers he's worked with around the world and over those four decades “got it” right or wrong.

Adam Devine

AdamD picture

Devine Concepts

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: North Naples, Florida
  • Biography: Retail Store Owner and MECP Master Technician at Devine Concepts

Luke Fidler

LukeF picture

Audio Expert Car Stereo

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Clearwater, Florida
  • Biography: Luke Fidler has over 20 years of experience as a 12-volt technician. and owns Audio Expert Auto and Marine in Clearwater, Florida. Luke shifted the primary focus of Audio Expert to marine services in 2016, offering complete marine electrical services well beyond audio. Being in one of the largest marine markets in the country, Luke has become an expert in marine wiring systems and the complicated task of meeting federal requirements and marine industry standards.

Brandon Green

Brandon Green picture

The Car Audio Shop

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Murphy, MO
  • Biography: 25 year industry veteran MECP Master and SME Owner at The Car Audio Shop

Kevin Hallinan

KevinH picture


  • Position: Priccipal
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Biography: Kevin Hallinan is a Principal of WINNING, Incorporated and has over 30 years of sales, training, and management success. An engaging and dynamic trainer and mentor, and an award-winning sales producer, Kevin has provided training and coaching to hundreds of companies in numerous industries. Kevin has been involved in almost every aspect of sales and sales management throughout his career. His experiences range from small private companies, to family run businesses, to the corporate setting where he has successfully sold both products and services. He is a former business owner, industry leader and constant overachiever, having earned numerous sales awards including Producer of the Year and Top Account Executive, and holds two yet unbroken company records for Highest Weekly Sales and Highest Quarterly Sales.

Salim Kassouf

SalimK picture

Boston Federal Financial

  • Position: Executive Partner
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Biography: Executive Partner at Boston Federal Financial. US and international experience in Financial Control, Business Development, Renewable Energy, M&A, PPPs, and PPAs. Advanced finance expertise including FP&A, project finance, corporate finance, investment analysis, business valuation, accounting, systems implementation, process improvement, and restructuring. Multi-industry experience including Solar, Wind, Desalination, Power Maintenance, Construction, Sports Management, Healthcare, Charter Aviation, Financial Services, F&B, Retail, and Real Estate.

Tomas Keenan

TomasK picture

Breakthrough Academy

  • Position: CEO
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Biography: Tomas Keenan is best known for his humble beginnings and lengthy career as a custom car audio installer. He is the epitome of a technician turned CEO. After co-founding Top Class Installations, an industry-leading GPS Tracking and Dashboard Camera installation provider, and growing it to a 7-figure business, Tomas moved into the coaching space as a high-level business and success coach for other industry leaders and business owners.

Jason Kranitz

JasonK picture

Kingpin University

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Biography:

Fernando Lopez

FenandoL picture

Five Star Car Stereo

  • Position: Installer
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • Biography:

Chris McNulty

ChrisM picture

Driven Mobile Electronics

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Chantilly, VA
  • Biography: I'm Christopher McNulty. I started in 12v in 1994, 2019 marks a quarter of a century. I'm currently the owner Driven Mobile Electronics, which I opened 6 1/2 years ago. We specialize in OE integration and custom implementation of audio, safety and convenience upgrades in any vehicle application imaginable Driven Mobile Electronics is the only place you need to go for all of your 12 volt design, sales and fabrication needs. High-end mobile audio and an abundance of customer service are about to make their return to Chantilly.

Ricardo Rangel

RicardoR picture

Monster by Rangel

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Biography: Ricardo Rangel Owner of Monster by Rangel, a high-end car audio distributor, fabrication, installation and training facility in Mexico City. He has a degree in Industrial Design from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Monterrey, Mexico. And also has specialized training in die casting and related processes from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon in France. Ricardo was recognized as one of the top 200 Mexican industrial designers in the book “From Creativity to Innovation”, published in 2012.

German Schulmesiter

GermanS picture

EMMA Argentina & Custom Sounds

  • Position: Director
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Biography: German Schulmeister has been in the industry for 15 Years. Currently running one of the most prestigious car audio shops in Buenos Aires, as well as sales director and national trainer for CS Group, distributor for Gladen, Mosconi and Illusion Audio for Argentina. He is also an EMMA Head Judge, and has judged both national and international sound quality events.

James Smith

JamesS picture

ACT Audio

  • Position: CEO
  • Location: Manchester, Connecticut
  • Biography: Since before James Smith could drive, he had a passion for cars and music. This passion evolved as he worked on his and his friends' cars in his teenage years, dreaming of one day being a CEO. In 2003, in his early 20s, he moved to CT to start a custom car business and also landed a job at a local Best Buy. James had much to learn about running a successful business and soon found his custom car business crashing and burning. Not giving up, he continued his career at Best Buy for 8 years, becoming the shop lead for the majority of that time. In 2011, he became a business partner in an existing business, ACT Audio in Vernon CT. Although he was now working for himself, he realized that while he owned the business, he still felt like the business owned him. Through many hurdles and obstacles, James worked tirelessly, day and night, to become both the sole owner and CEO of Act Audio and built a thriving, self-sufficient business that now works for him.

Ken Ward

KenW picture

Educar Training

  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Biography:

Andy Wehmeyer

AndyW picture


  • Position: Owner
  • Location: Pasadena, CA
  • Biography: I have more than 30 years of experience in aftermarket auto/sound as a retail installation technician, retail store management, and nearly 20 years as a product/category manager at Harman International. Co-inventor of patented speaker mounting systems and DSP algorithms applicable in the automotive auto/sound industry. He is currently the CEO of Audiofrog Inc
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